Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy holidays….

Hello class!!! I would like 2 wish u happy holidays. Selamat pulang ke kampoong/desa/bandar masing2. Ni ada buah tangan sy nak bagi untuk bekalan pulang ke kampoog. Aper dier yer… cuba teka? Assignment 3 lar… buah tgn tu bole la makan kat umah or kalo x mau balik semula ke kpm bole makan… x pun bole simpan jer… tp jgn makan dalam bas. orait, cuti seminggu ni, mana la tau kalo x jumpe lagi,so sy nak mintak maaf byak2 kalo ada salah dan silap dalam kelas. Kalo panjang umur jumpe lagi lepas cuti mid sem. K, Send my regard 2 ur family. Bubui…. Take care.

Special gift for mid sem break: Assignment 3



Software Skills : Spreadsheet Formulas, Web Browser and E-Mail
Business Skills : Technology Pricing

You have been asked to obtain pricing information on hardware and software for ComSyz Sdn. Bhd, Jalan Hang Tuah, 75300 Melaka. Survey from the computer shop or search from magazine or newspaper; get pricing for:

20 PC desktop systems
2 notebook/laptops
(Note: manufactured by IBM, Dell, Compaq, Acer or any computer brand. For the purpose of this assignment, ignore the fact that desktop systems usually come with preloaded software packages.)
2 monochrome LaserJet desktop printers
1 color inkjet printer,
1 digital scanner

Each PC desktop system must satisfy the following minimum specifications:

Processor speed : 2.5 GHz
Hard drive : 160 GB
RAM : 1 GB
CD-ROM speed : 48 speed
Monitor (diagonal measurement) : 17 inches

Each laptop must satisfy the following minimum specifications:

Processor speed : 1.8 GHz
Hard drive : 120 GB
RAM : 2 GB
DVD-ROM : DVD-Super multi double layer (support DVD+R Double Layer / DVD+/-RW / DVD-RAM
Laptop screen : 14 inches, wide LCD
Wireless technology : 802.11 b/g wireless LAN

For each monochrome desktop printer must satisfy the following minimum specifications:

Print speed : 12 pages per minute
Print resolution : 600 x 600
Network ready? : Yes

After pricing all the computer hardware, obtain pricing on:
22 copies of Microsoft Windows Vista
22 copies of Microsoft Office 2007

(Note: The application software suite packages come in various versions, so be sure that each package contains programs for word processing, spreadsheet analysis, database management and graphics preparation)

Prepare a spreadsheet showing your research results for the all computer hardware and software. Use your spreadsheet software to determine the PC desktop system, laptop, printer, scanner and software combination that will offer both the best performance and pricing. Then prepare a quotation for that all computer hardware and software.

Assume that your company will take the standard warranty and service contract offered by each product’s manufacturer.

Send the softcopy (spreadsheet) and hardcopy (quotation). For the softcopy, send via e-mail to For the hardcopy, also prepare one page of your report with a few sentences describing one thing that you have learned from your research. Also attach the evidence (brochures, pamphlets or catalog that you get the price).

Due date: Monday, March 16, 2009 (3.30 pm)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special For DEN4A, DEN4C and DEN4C:

Salam… Hello class! We don’t have e-commerce class today (25/02/2009). i’m going to MARA HQ for final exam meeting. See u on Thursday (26/02/2009). Bubui... miss u so much...but in the other site>>> hooreyyyyyy class en syzry xde....bestnyer..

To DENB Class:

Find the information about your topic. Then prepare a speech for giving and listening to the short talk activities in your class. You should also post your finding (summary) into your blog.

[TCP and IP – Najwa] [WWW – Diha] [http – Ehsan] [html – Shahril] [Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Din] [Hyperlink – Nazmi] [ URL – Hanim] [Home page – Bella] [File Transfer Protocol – Amira] [Virtual Library – Azliza] [Blogs – Famiza] [News Group – Jannah] [Instant Messaging – Wahida] [ICQ – Syafiha] [Search Engine – Farrahin] [Bulletin Board – Aini] [Telnet – Affiza] [Mailing List – Kazimah] [Web Browsers – Farah]

Monday, February 23, 2009

To DEN4C class:

Find the information about your topic. Then prepare a speech for giving and listening to the short talk activities in your class. You should also post your finding (summary) into your blog.

[Internet – Nashina] [TCP and IP – Aniq] [WWW – Syamil] [http – Azwan] [html – Syazili] [Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Dufy] [Hyperlink – Faten NQ] [ URL – Hazim] [Home page – Atiqah] [File Transfer Protocol – Firdaus] [Virtual Library – Fatin HNN] [Blogs – Su] [News Group – Ain] [Instant Messaging – Faaza CO] [ICQ – Saiful] [Search Engine – Hafeez] [Bulletin Board – Husna] [Telnet – Rahmat] [Mailing List – Dila] [Web Browsers – Fatin ATK] [e-mail – Maz] [Adv. & Disadv. of Internet – Izian]

i would like 2 say…

"Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and the right way - that is not easy."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

To DEN4A class:

Find the information about your topic. Then prepare a speech for giving and listening to the short talk activities in your class.

[Internet - Farhan] [TCP and IP – Sirin] [WWW – Azrai] [http – Chris] [html – Fizie] [Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Dang] [Hyperlink - Azlin] [URL - Aisyah] [Home page - Hidayah] [File Transfer Protocol – Aziq] [Virtual Library - Rifdi] [Blogs - Adlin] [News Group - Fariq] [Instant Messaging – Shak] [ICQ - Fenaz] [Search Engine - Qurtubi] [Bulletin Board - Mira] [Telnet – Khuzaifah] [Mailing List – Musa’b] [Web Browsers – Emira] [e-mail - Safinas]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quiz 2 – TOP 10 RanKing

Congratulations! To:

1. Hazim - DEN4C
2. Dang - DEN4A
3. Wahida - DEN4B
4. Azrai - DEN4A
5. Musa’B - DEN4A
6. Adlin - DEN4A
7. Sirin - DEN4A
8. Izian - DEN4C
9. Syamil - DEN4C
10. Husna - DEN4C

Last chance 4 dila

Next class if u comes late, so u will be stand up in my class. That the rules with agreed in d 1st class.

Quiz 1 – Top 16 RanKing

Congratulations! To:

1. Hazim - DEN4C
2. Aniq - DEN4C
3. Sirin - DEN4A
4. Kazimah - DEN4B
5. Dang - DEN4A
6. Farhan - DEN4A
7. Mira - DEN4B
8. Nabilla - DEN4B
9. Dufy - DEN4C
10. Nur Atiqah - DEN4C
11. Rahmat - DEN4C
12. Shahril - DEN4B
13. Nadia - DEN4B
14. Faaza - DEN4C
15. Hafeez - DEN4C
16. Izian - DEN4C

Monday, February 16, 2009

Story for 2 Boys 2 Girls…

Hurry up!!!!… Run…faster…faster…oh my god … we are still late. What happen next???? They are stand up in my class… Chris , Fenas, Aziq & Fariq. Who the next???? To be continue….

Assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1: Create a Brochure / Pamphlet
due date: 20 Feb 2009

Assignment 2: Create Your Blog
due date: 27 Feb 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BEST of 5 Warriors…

Please ForGive mE....

To rahmat, syamil, aniq, dufy and k.izwan… I am not to make u shy when I ask u to stand up in my class. But that the rules we promise to agree. So, next time make sure u all came early into my class. Sorry…sorry and sorry again… hope u all enjoy my class.

luv u all class...

Hello class…I luv u all so much… Who am I without u? I’m known, I’m not a good instructor in the world but I try to give the best……best aper???? Best killer lecturer in the world. Uppsss … not that la… very supportive lecturer la…

How about ur assignment 1. Have u done it? Relaks.. lambat lagi nak antau… esok nak antau, arini buat la…. Hello class…. Are u people like that???? Big trouble… da sem 4 takkannn cam tu laie.. if u finished early, leh relaks lama2… kan bagus cam tu… wokey…that all for today… see u in my class.