Monday, February 23, 2009

To DEN4C class:

Find the information about your topic. Then prepare a speech for giving and listening to the short talk activities in your class. You should also post your finding (summary) into your blog.

[Internet – Nashina] [TCP and IP – Aniq] [WWW – Syamil] [http – Azwan] [html – Syazili] [Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Dufy] [Hyperlink – Faten NQ] [ URL – Hazim] [Home page – Atiqah] [File Transfer Protocol – Firdaus] [Virtual Library – Fatin HNN] [Blogs – Su] [News Group – Ain] [Instant Messaging – Faaza CO] [ICQ – Saiful] [Search Engine – Hafeez] [Bulletin Board – Husna] [Telnet – Rahmat] [Mailing List – Dila] [Web Browsers – Fatin ATK] [e-mail – Maz] [Adv. & Disadv. of Internet – Izian]

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